Martha Hopkins Book Signing

"We Want to Play Too" Women's Sports at Northwest Nazarene

From the author:

This story is about lady athletes and the journey they had to take in order to become varsity level and play intercollegiate ball. It covers NNU women’s sports from 1925 to the present 2017. It tells the history of each of the nine sports and the history of women’s varsity sports at NNU.

NNU became a college in 1913. Men started varsity in 1934 and the ladies in 1969. Why did it take so long to recognize the women’s need to play sports? With hard work and determination, we were finally approved to play. We have come a long way baby! We want to play too, and that is what they have done.

We approach the program in a wholistic manner by developing our athletes physically, mentally, socially and the most important to develop them spiritually.

This book is being written for the benefit of all women athlete’s, so they will know their background in sports and appreciate everyone that contributed to it. We thank God for giving us the insight to putting together our women’s sports program. May our graduates and athletes go out and help win souls for Christ.